ADSM302 battery mode

Some time ago i got an ADSM302 digital microscope to replace the aging metallurgical microscope I’ve been using for the last 10 years.
Here are some links about it, and some short clips of my own:

A short review clip:

And two short personal clips while working on some boards:

Open the clips in full-screen mode to see the available resolution

The next logical step was to disassemble it. It’s an easy process because it uses screws all over the case, even if you need to look for them.
The design is nice and clean – it looks like it’s based on some Allwinner chip-set, I did not remove the metal shields, but I’ve seen them in another tear-down clip.
Thre is an interesting pad on the side of the board:

A connector labeled “BAT+” on the board edge

A short test showed that the battery circuit is available on the board – it powers up when I apply power on it, and it tries to charge a battery when USB power is supplied.
I stuck a small cell on that connector and I got this:

The cell is to small to power the unit during filming, etc so I ended up connecting some 18650 cells. Some decent cells should hold out enough time to fill the memory card (32GB)
This is a nice find as it will work nicely with the flexible arm system I’m working on (but that in another post)

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